Yeh Bhi Hinsa Hai

Yeh Bhi Hinsa Hai

Writer: Jana Natya Manch
Language: hi
Approximate duration: 25 minutes
No of characters: 7 - Female: None, Male: 7

A play on violence on women


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Adaptation License: Derivative Works Allowed

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•List of substantive changes to be provided to the Playwright
•A copy of the revised/ Translated script to be sent to the Playwright
•The Translator/ Adapter is responsible for having taken permission from the original author
•Royalty sharing – wherever applicable - will be negotiated directly with the Playwright.
• No publication will be done without requisite permission from the publisher & Playwright.

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Performance License: Free to perform, adapt, translate without needing permission of the rights holder

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•Playwright (or rights holder/ uploader in case of Orphaned work) to be informed of the date and place of the performance (in the case of orphaned work, this allows an accumulation of fresh history)
•Invitation and ticket to be sent to playwright
•A copy of the publicity materials and materials prior to and after the show to be sent (Reviews, Photographs, Documentation)
•Credit to be provided in appropriate manner
•In the case of adaptations/ Translations, credit to be provided to all contributors

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