Performing Arts Management Programme

Performing Arts Management Programme

Arts Management Programme

Coordinators: Sanjna Kapoor & Sameera Iyengar Consultant: Milena Dragićević Šešić

AIM To set up an annual workshop and training ground for Performing Arts Managers to provoke, contemplate and develop a deeper capacity of strategic thinking and openness toward different interest in art management knowledge, to help enhance a greater professionalism and overall development of theatrical practice in India.

HOW Phase I

Milena Dragićević Šešić to travel for almost 2 weeks and experience first-hand theatre/performance management practices across India. This tour to lead up to an intensive 3-day round table with Milena, the theatre people visited, and others who may be interested in looking at management for theatre / performance – a feedback session from Milena on the basis of her tour, and the beginning of setting the ground to developing the Arts Management programme into the future.

Phase II

This is where the Arts Management programme will take off through specially designed intensive workshops, internship opportunities and more. The details of Phase II will be worked out following the Round Table at the end of Phase I.

Part of the commitment of the Arts Management programme will be to creating a team of resource people and institutions who have a stake in the project and who will be trained to carry it forward.


Establish a community of institutions and individuals who establish working practices that lead to higher levels of proficiency and professionalism. Enhance the working environment of theatre practice across the country, thereby affecting the entire experience of theatre viewing.


Phase I SRTT funds would be needed for the first site visit and Round Table with the Consultant, Milena and an invited group of Performing Arts people.

Phase II The funds raised for this project would be needed to • run the back-end office • enable scouting trips to establish firm links with institutions across India and aboard • pay the specialists faculty their fee and travel expenses • bear all local expenses of workshops • initiative funds for workshop participants on interesting ideas to carry this work forward locally

Office: Project Officer would be required once Phase II of this programme is being put in place.