e-RANG: Fortnightly Internet Journal

e-RANG: Fortnightly Internet Journal

e-RANG Fortnightly Internet Journal

Coordinator: Sudhanva Deshpande, Vikram Iyengar

Overall Aims: There are a large number of people who are deeply interested in Indian theatre, but who are starved of regular news and discussion about it. Bringing out a hard copy journal is a costly affair, and is not easy to sustain. Therefore, as part of the Forum website, it was felt that it would be useful to bring out an internet-based fortnightly journal. The coordinator of this project has some experience of bringing out a journal of this kind, since he co-edited e-STQ. It was decided that he would put together a team that would bring out the new e-journal, tentatively christened e-Rang.

e-Rang will be sent out free to readers.


  1. Each issue of e-Rang will carry at least one article of about 1200-1500 words, links to theatre-related resources, feedback from readers, and editorial comment (if needed). Issues will be mailed out on the 1st and 15th of every month. The Forum office will received from the editors final copy of each issue on the 25th and 10th of each month.

  2. e-Rang will be edited by two editors, who will be assisted by about 6 contributing editors. The administration (finalisation of each issue, mailing to the list, responding to queries, compiling readers’ feedback, sending out remuneration to contributors, and other administrative tasks) will be handled by the Forum office located in Mumbai.

  3. e-Rang will carry articles, reviews, interviews, etc. These will either be written by the editors or contributing editors, or by general contributors.

  4. Back issues of e-Rang will be stored on the Forum website, and will be available for downloading and sharing.

  5. The editors will endeavour to plan about 6 issues in advance, and keep material ready. However, as and when required, e-Rang will carry articles on current events related to theatre.

Responsibzilities / Systems:

In essence, running e-Rang is a four-way collaborative exercise – between the editors, contributing editors, general contributors, and Forum office. Therefore, it is essential that the Core Team, editors, web designers and Forum office personnel meet in person, and subsequently do a number of dummy runs before we launch the journal publicly. A more firm and clear cut delineation of responsibilities and roles will emerge through these interactions (both on the email and face to face).