Rangaai Theatre Company

Rangaai Theatre Company

Based in: Mumbai, Mumbai
Founded: 2016
Languages we work in: Bengali, English, Hindi, Marathi

Rangaai Theatre Company (Est. Feb 2016) The word Rangaai is used to refer to the Goddess of Theatre; as our mother who gives birth to and nurtures the artist in us throughout our life on stage. With this in mind, Rangaai Theatre Company is dedicated to usher experimental and artistic pieces unto its audience. We do this by means of introducing both new and old theatre techniques from around the world. But not to restrict ourselves to theatre alone, we innovatively look into other artistries to find resemblance and replicate them in our performances.




Tushar Dalvi
Founder & Artistic Director of Rangaai Theatre Company. Concept, Design & Direction of The Darkroom ...
Founder & Artistic Director