Scheme for Building Grants, Including Studio Theatre

The objective of the Scheme is to support voluntary cultural organizations and government-aided cultural organizations in their efforts to create appropriately equipped training, rehearsal and performance spaces for artistes.

Scheme for Buddhist and Tibetan Culture and Art

Scheme for Financial Assistance for the Preservation and Development of Buddhist/Tibetan Culture and Art. The Objective of this scheme is to give financial assistance to the voluntary Buddhist/Tibetan organizations including Monasteries engaged in the propagation and scientific development of Buddhist/Tibetan culture, tradition and research in related fields.

Scheme for Book Fairs, Book Exhibitions

Pilot Scheme of Financial Assistance for Book Fairs, Book-Exhibtions and Participation in International Book Faits/ Publishing Events, etc.

Scheme for providing Grant-in-aid to Voluntary Organizations for organizing Centenaries/Anniversaries

The objective of the scheme is to highlight salient aspects of the life and times of important personalities in order to infuse in the public, particularly the young, the spirit of these great leaders.

Grant-in-aid to Voluntary Organizations/ Societies for development and maintenance of National Memorials

Objectives: To commemorate the role of eminent national personalities who have contributed and played a historic role in the history of our country.
To highlight their lives and activities as well as the relevance of their ideas to the Indian heritage.
To interpret and convey the cultural and spiritual values they stood for.
To create an awareness of the contribution of such personalities to nation, particularly by keeping the younger generation informed.

Pension Grant

Schemes of Financial Assistance to persons Distinguished in Letters, Arts and such other Walks of life who may be in indigent circumstances and their dependents.

Salary and Product Grant

Scheme of Financial Assistance to Professional Groups and Individuals engaged for specified Performing Arts Projects

Schemes for Scholarships to Young Artists in Different Cultural Fields

This Scheme seeks to give assistance to young artists of outstanding promise for advanced training within India in the field of Indian Classical Music, Indian Classical Dance, Theatre, Visual art, Mime Folk, Traditional and Indigenous Arts and Light Classical Music

Scheme for the award of Fellowships to outstanding persons in the field of Culture

A review of Government efforts in the fields of creative arts revealed that while akademicians, scientists had scope for independent work both in an institutional frame-work through fellowships instituted by the University Grants Commission, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, there was no scheme which provides similar facilities and opportunities in the fields of creative arts or for revival of some of our traditional forms of art. A milieu of freedom supported by financial security could perhaps provide the much needed congeniality of atmosphere for further works in this field. It is also observed that although there are schemes to cover the age group of 10-14 years (Cultural Talent Search Scholarships Scheme) and the age group of 18-25 years (Scheme of Scholarships for Young Artistes in Different Cultural Fields), there were no schemes which would provide the basic financial support either for very advanced training or individual creative effort for revival of some of our traditional forms of arts. The scheme of awarding fellowships to outstanding persons in various creative fields of culture is intended to fill this gap. The scheme would also cover artistes in rural/tribal areas.

The fellowships are awarded for undertaking research oriented projects. The applicant should provide evidence of his/her capabilities in undertaking the project.

The Fellowships are not intended for providing training, conducting workshops, seminars or documenting memoirs or writing autobiographies/ fiction, etc.

Cultural Function Grant Scheme

Scheme of Financial Assistance for Seminars Festivals and Exhibitions on Cultural Subjects by not-for – Profit Organizations. The scheme covers all ‘not-for-profit’ organizations, including Societies, Trusts and Universities, for supporting the seminars, research, workshops, festivals and exhibitions, etc. organized by them on different aspects of Indian Culture. They should have been functioning and registered under the Societies Registration Act (XXI of 1860), Trusts Act, Companies Act or any Central or State Act for at least three years. The scheme will, however, not be applicable to such organizations or institutions as are functioning as religious institutions, or as schools/colleges. Grant will be provided for all types of interactive fora such as conferences, seminars, workshops, symposia as also festivals and exhibitions on any subject important to the preservation or promotion of cultural heritage, arts, letters and other creative endeavors.

Scheme of Tagore National Fellowship for Cultural Research

The Scheme has been introduced in order to invigorate and revitalise the various institutions under the Ministry of Culture (MoC) and other identified cultural institutions in the country, by encouraging scholars/ academicians to affiliate themselves with these institutions to work on projects of mutual interest. With a view to infuse fresh knowledge capital into the institutions, the scheme expects these scholars/academicians to select specific resources of the institutions to take up projects and research work that are related to the main objectives of these institutions and to enrich them with a new creative edge and academic excellence. The Scheme will be open to both Indian nationals and foreign citizens. The proportion of foreigners will not normally exceed one–third of the total Fellowships awarded in a year.

Tagore Commemoration Grant Scheme

Scheme of Financial Assistance for Cultural Programmes organised by not-for-profit organisations to commemorate 150 years of Rabindranath Tagore.Government of India has decided to celebrate the 150th Birth Anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore and has constituted a National Committee under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister and a National Implementation Committee under the Finance Minister, to plan and take up commemorative programmes and projects at the national and international level. The National Committee has decided that Ministry of Culture may support initiatives by civil society organizations in organizing appropriate commemorative programmes. The National Implementation Committee has decided that the Ministry may launch a scheme on the lines of the Cultural Functions Grant Scheme of the Ministry of Culture, but with a decentralized structure of operation and hence this scheme.

Scheme for Tagore Cultural Complexes

The rejuvenated and new version of multipurpose complexes, to be known as ‘Tagore Cultural Complexes’, will foster and coordinate activities in the State in different cultural fields such as music, drama, dance, literature, fine arts, etc. and promote through them the cultural unity of the country and provide avenues for creative expression and learning to the younger generation. These multi-purpose cultural complexes will work as centres of excellence in all forms of art and culture, with facilities and infrastructure for stage performances (dance, drama and music), exhibitions, seminars, literary activities, film shows, etc. They are intended, therefore, to go beyond the original Tagore Auditorium scheme and foster a multi-dimensional interest in creativity and cultural expressions.

Scheme for Cultural Heritage Youth Leadership Program

The objective of the Scheme is to enrich the awareness of culture amongst youth, in order to promote cultural awareness; mutual understanding and respect, as also to develop a love for India’s rich heritage, with a view to developing appropriate leadership qualities amongst youth. The focus of the programme will be on the less privileged children residing in backward areas. Usage of vernacular languages for propagation, will be made to the extent possible, for carrying out these activities.

Insecurity and uncertainty of future is a part of artists' lives in India and it has become sharper as artists have to live against the market today. Presently, there are systems of support for artists like awards, fellowships, pensions (sanctioned by the state and central Governments), aid to individuals and organisations but none of the above systems offer a comprehensive social security module in which artists are not just beneficiaries, but active premium-holders. Kala Kalyana is a project initiated to develop such a participatory Insurance scheme for artists and their dependents to provide security against ill health, accidents, infirmity, death and old age.